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If you need graphics for the TV or web coverage of soccer games, SoccerMaster is for you. It's database backend stores any information's about the playing teams for the whole league or also for multiple leagues. No retyping of players names during the broadcasting, simple drag and drop and point and shot interface.

You can download a full functional test version of SoccerMaster here.

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Download the getting started manual here.


Soccer Master license
€ 299.00
Template sources license. Documented source of all templates to implement your own design
€ 399.00
Custom designed template set implemented by Media Support, ask for quote starting at € 1'500.00
Buy for € 299.00

  • Player line up's, either in a list or tactical
  • Corner-bug with team names, logo and/or jersey colour, score and clock with overtime display
  • Scoreboard
  • Lower third for yellow, red and yellow/red card with player's name, shirt number and statistics
  • Lower third for goal with player's name, number and statistics
  • Substitution graphics
  • Either drag and drop players or type-in shirt numbers
A good example of SoccerMasters user friendly design is the handling of substitutions. As easy as some keystrokes and a mouse click.
First: the 4th official shows its board:
Second: The graphics operator types in what he sees on the board:

SoccerMaster selects the players into the corresponding boxes.

Third: A click on the In button and the substitution goes on air:

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