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There are a lot of discussions and panic about a new EU law called GDPR. This contact form only sends an e-mail to my inbox and only does this, if you write into the fields presented and hit the "Send" button. In my opinion no one would be so stupid to do that without intention and the knowledge of sending of his name and contact informations to the company behind this site. So I do not expect you to take me before a court and claiming you did not know this.

Media Support is based in Switzerland, at the heart of Central Europe.

Media Support
Hinterhagweg 6
CH-5722 Gränichen

+41 (79) 321 78 42

It does not help to post SPAM messages here, as they only go into our inbox and will be deleted. They will not be posted anywhere nor propperly read trough. So if your a SPAMMER, please stop anoing people and look for a job, where you can be of value to other people.
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